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Writing for a passionate writer, writing for many years and regular."Texplaza.com" and other popular web portals. I always believe in hard work, where I am today due to hard work and passion for my work. I am immense to be busy all the time and respect for every personates.

Hello friends, I welcome you very much in our "Texplaza" blog,

I have created this blog for all those friends who want to know about environmental issues, lifestyle, nature, pollution, and health, I request you to like, share, comment and subscribe to my site. Don't forget, stay connected with this blog and keep learning.

 Pollution is present in various forms today. Which challenges the existence of human civilization. The situation has come so far that the future of the world is in danger. Due to environmental pollution, neither rain comes on time, nor does the cycle of winter-summer run properly.

About us:- Name- Manoj Kumar Prusty



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