Water Pollution: Effects and side effects

Effect of water pollution

Today "water pollution" has reached alarming levels and is affecting lives to a great extent. Contaminated water is continuously being used for both industrial and domestic reasons. Water pollution has become one of the most serious environmental hazards worldwide.

Water is becoming contaminated due to the overuse of soap, soda, bleach powder, and detergents in homes or heavy metals, acids, alkalis, nitrates, phosphates, and toxic chemicals in industries. Its main sources are urban waste and industrial wastes which are dumped into untreated rivers. Despite all government efforts, only 10 percent of the total wastewater generated in cities is being treated and the rest is being discharged into rivers, ponds, and oceans.

Pesticides and chemical fertilizers used in agriculture have also contributed to the water quality problem. Furthermore, rapid industrialization has certainly taken the problem of water pollution to dangerous levels. Man is badly affected by the problem of water pollution, aquatic animals, aquatic plants, and animal birds are also affected. Especially in parts of the sea and rivers, aquatic life has ended due to water pollution.

Effect of water pollution on plants and animals

Effect on the expansion of aquatic plants.

Aquatic plants are severely affected due to water contamination. Due to the excess of moss in contaminated water, sunlight does not reach depth, which affects photosynthesis and the growth of aquatic plants. Due to contaminants in contaminated water, some aquatic weeds such as aquatic ferns and water hyacinth grow, fungi, algae, bacteria, etc. They begin to grow rapidly in sewage.

Increase in toxins.

Due to water pollution, the Ganges River, called the Purifier of the Hindus, has become heavily polluted. The same situation also exists in the Yamuna, Gomti, Chambal, and Jhelum rivers. Today, if the Hooghly River in India is considered one of the most polluted water sources in the world, it is also due to water pollution. Due to the contaminated water released by factories around the world, the river water was once so toxic that dead fish were seen landing on the water.

Side effects of water pollution in aquatic animals.

The growth of pollution in marine areas has reached a dangerous condition. Contaminated water has a very bad effect on aquatic animals. Water pollution leads to an excess of moss in the water and a lack of oxygen. According to a survey, the amount of oxygen in one liter of water in most rivers is currently 0.1 cubic cm, compared to 2.5 cubic cm on average in 1950.

Animals affected by water pollution include several species of fish. Due to the spread of oily matter, hydrocarbons on the ocean surface in the oceans, aquatic organisms do not get oxygen and they die. The situation has become so catastrophic that many aquatic species are on the verge of extinction.

Contaminated water also negatively affects the reproductive power of aquatic organisms. It is reducing fertility in fish and plants. In addition, animals suffer from various diseases due to the consumption of contaminated water.

The beauty of nature is over

Contaminated water is not only unsuitable for drinking but also for agriculture. In addition, the sweetness of rivers and lakes is also dying due to contaminated water.

Effect of water pollution on human health.

Effect of water pollution on human health.

Contaminated water has the worst effect on human health. According to the United States, Environmental Protection Society: Worldwide, approximately five million people die each year due to water pollution and five million children die. About 360 people die in India and 50% of the patients admitted to hospitals are contaminated due to water. The condition of underdeveloped countries is worse and contaminated water is the main cause of 80 percent of diseases here.

Drinking water isn't safe because of pollutants.

Drinking water becomes smelly and unhygienic because of water contamination. The microbes present in the water break the flavor of the water. When the organic matter present within the infected water starts offevolved to die, they form hydrogen sulfide and ammonia gas, which reasons a bad smell in the water.

Industrial gadgets are also being affected

The capability of business devices is likewise reduced because of water pollutants. The Kanpur leather industry, for example, has been laid low with using infected water within the Ganges.

Contamination of water bodies

Water is contaminated through the source of groundwater and water pollution, and all bodies of human activities are certainly responsible for this. Man, due to his selfishness, also converts various harmful substances produced by various factories into water sources. Harmful elements located in commercial waste are salt, miscellaneous chemicals, oils, arsenic, iron, cadmium. , Materials for the treatment of wastewater are extremely harmful to organisms and plants.

Environmental protection institutions have identified some industries as the main polluting industries: alcohol industry, petrochemical industry, paper industry, fertilizer industry, pharmaceutical industry, and sugar industry, etc.

Responsible for the spread of various diseases.

The germs, toxins, and salts needed in water are giving rise to many diseases. Contaminated water is the immediate or indirect cause of more than 80 percent of diseases worldwide. According to an estimate, about 25 million human beings in 35,000 villages in India suffer from cholera. One lakh ninety thousand people of Rajasthan's tribal villages are suffering from various diseases due to drinking water from dirty ponds.

Infected water contains many types of bacteria, which expose many types of diseases, according to scientists, most diseases worldwide are caused by consuming contaminated water using feces. Polluted water causes many diseases including joint pain, kidney, and heart disease.

Children often become ill from drinking contaminated water and sometimes die due to the intensity of illnesses. According to an estimate, 14 children die per hour from contaminated diarrhea due to contaminated water in India.

Waterborne diseases are infectious diseases that are basically spread by infected water. Cholera, dysentery, hepatitis, and typhoid fever are common waterborne diseases that affect most people in the tropical region. Exposure to contaminated water can cause diarrhea, dermatitis, respiratory problems, and other diseases present in water bodies. Due to stagnant and untreated water, mosquitoes and many other parasitic pests are produced, etc., which transmit many diseases,

Contaminated water is the same as poison for humans. Due to a large amount of chloride in drinking water, the spinal cord is twisted and the teeth begin to turn yellow. In addition, the bones of people's hands and feet lose their flexibility and their body deforms.

Contaminated water also increases the risk of kidney disease. A large amount of sulfur present in contaminated water is the cause of various respiratory diseases. Due to the increase in the amount of urea in drinking water, stomach disorders also occur. Continued intake of contaminated drinking water causes various stomach disorders, as well as many other diseases such as lumps in the throat, tooth decay, etc.

Radioactive materials generated by nuclear explosions also reach the reservoirs due to the flow of water and contaminate drinking water. When a man uses this water, he has terrible diseases such as leukemia and cancer. The use of this water also increases the risk of having a disabled child.

Nitrate fertilizer and many chemicals, waste used in agricultural land, where groundwater is contaminated due to dispersion and pit latrines. The blue baby spreads the disease in children who consume contaminated drinking water because of the color of the children's skin changes. In this disease, contamination of nitrate in groundwater results in a decrease in the ability of these children to transport oxygen to hemoglobin, which leads to their death.

Impact on day to day life

Contaminated acidic water dissolves water storage containers made of metals, making it difficult to store water. Alkaline substances mixed in contaminated water weaken them in pots and tubes.

Disease caused by pathogenic bacteria in contaminated water.

Contaminated waters are carriers of pathogenic microbes and, therefore, are more harmful to human health. Diseases caused by contaminated waterfall into the following main categories:

By insects:- Filaria, Hydatidists, and a variety of worm diseases (which have different types of stomach worms).

By virus:- jaundice (yellow fever), polio, gastroenteritis, colds, infectious hepatitis, chickenpox.

By bacteria:- diarrhea, diarrhea, periodic fever, high fever, cholera, whooping cough, gonorrhea, syphilis, gastroenteritis, dysentery, tuberculosis.

For protozoa:- pyorrhea, dysentery, narcolepsy (epidemic encephalitis), malaria, amebiasis, giardiasis in the gums.

Leptospirosis disease:- In addition to the various bacteria that cause diseases in our body, several types of toxins reach and damage our bodies through the water. These toxins mainly include lead, nickel, silver, arsenic, cadmium, etc.

  • As a result of the consumption of contaminated water in the body of children, excess nitrate causes a disease called 

  • methemoglobinemia that reaches the intestines and causes stomach cancer.

  • There is an excess of fluoride in contaminated water, due to which the disease called fluorosis occurs.

  • Excess salts of iron, manganese, calcium, barium, chromium, copper, eyelashes, boron, nitrate, sulfate, borate, carbonate, etc. in contaminated water it negatively affects human health. Excess magnesium sulfate in the water causes irritation in the intestines.

    The conclusion

    "Water pollution" is dangerous for all kinds of life in this universe. In order to protect humans, plants and other types of organisms, it is important to find solutions for water pollution. There are many diseases spread through the water that is doused and it is necessary to make collective efforts on behalf of all people, society, and government.


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