Garbage dump Reasons, Problems and Solutions (3)

"Garbage" that is thrown away or casually is abandoned, especially in public places, it is regrettable that people put garbage on roads or any other public place, which they did not get without punishment. Often we can see educated people throwing garbage on the road from their expensive car window. The truck loaded on the highway spreads garbage due to its broken container. Who does it care?

Many people have a bad habit of throwing waste products in inappropriate places. We manipulate and do not pay attention to products like cardboard boxes, aluminum cans or plastic bottles in any public place. Household waste and hazardous waste such as tires, electronics, batteries, electrical equipment, and large industrial containers are also thrown on public land. In this way, we expect others to deal with them instead of dealing with them properly.

Throwing and garbage anywhere is an unfortunate trend. People often spit on railway stairs bridges and platforms and on the stairs of the office building. It is difficult to oppose the tendency to spit on the pan, gutkha, and tobacco eaters.

Why is garbage dangerous?

The worst form of item in the world as waste is a cigarette butt. 4.6 trillion tons of tattoos are thrown annually. It takes time to end these remaining pieces of cigarette. Some of them are decay in five years and some 400 years.

Often many foods are served in any public program and wedding ceremony, but the remaining food is thrown away. Due to a lack of cleanliness, the garbage gets deposited along the side of the road due to which many serious diseases are born, for which we are responsible for ourselves.

Problems and causes of garbage dispersion

The pace of cleanliness is very slow in most countries of the world, in which India is in the first place. There are many reasons for people's neutral mentality towards hygiene.

  • Lack of enthusiasm to maintain cleanliness

Despite the obstacles of roads in this densely populated country, most of us are still spreading dirt on the streets. We mean just cleaning the place where we live and worship.

We do not do this because we like to spread the dirt on the road, but we do this because we are slaves of our habit of dirt.

Despite much to say about Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, our country is still very dirty compared to other countries. There is no cleanliness campaign in other countries of the world. Despite this, notwithstanding this, they are cleaner than most Indian villages and towns Unlike the Indian roads, no other broom is seen in other countries. Similarly, in those countries, important figures do not broadcast campaigns for cleanliness with a broom in hand. Yet what is the hidden secret behind their cleanliness?

The answer is in the spirit of maintaining cleanliness, which is contained in the character of the citizens of those countries at a very young age. A board of 'not spreading garbage' can be seen in many public places in India. Yet those places are filled with dirt. People consider their right to pollute public places and they are considered to be the work of cleaning workers.

  • Extensive social event

Often poor sections are said to be responsible for generating a lot of garbage, dirt, or garbage in public places, but what is said about the parks, roads and roads, and the spread of dirt from the rich class urine? It is alleged that the slum dwellers are spreading pollution but the fact is that there is a huge shortage of proper waste management in multi-story buildings, chemical industries, and other factories, which are responsible for spreading more waste in residential areas. Therefore, dirt in cities is not limited to the works of poor people, but every section of society is guilty of spreading dirt at its level.

  • Inability to share responsibility

Many people believe this fact that they have to maintain standards of cleanliness within 4 walls in their homes. Dump water, garbage, or dog hunting is thrown out of the house and thrown in the road, road, or park. People believe that garbage disposal is the responsibility of the government and administration. The responsibility of keeping the cleanliness of the environment, road, park, or road is neither theirs nor are they responsible for the wastes or dirt thrown out of the house.

  • Increase in the type of waste

Garbage in old times is usually organic waste which was assimilated in the land but with modern development, the proportion of chemicals in the waste is increasing. It is extremely harmful to health. In India and many other countries, the materials used in the form of bags were not harmful. Pottery was used for curd and jute bags were used to carry other items. The use of plastic has changed the situation and it also creates a problem because the plastic does not melt. There is no proper arrangement to eliminate it or to suppress it in the ground. Now efforts are being made to deal with this problem by banning the use of plastic.

Garbage dump Reasons, Problems and Solutions

How does garbage contaminate the environment

No one thinks that if the garbage is trapped in a place outside of the house and outside the roads and shops, then due to excessive rain in the rainy season, dirty water will start getting from its homes.

Garbage has a negative impact on the environment. In fact, it has become a serious environmental issue that how to deal with the consequences of waste. We all want to keep our homes clean, but after cleaning, we throw a lot of garbage, due to which the entire environment is contaminated. We are also not troubled in understanding that polluting the environment and spreading diseases from diseases is our responsibility.

What are the penalties for spreading garbage? Is it a crime to spread garbage?

In many countries, the spread of garbage comes in the category of crime, and consequences are also imposed. Residents have the responsibility to keep cleanliness in some areas around their homes. At one time in China, there was a tendency of spitting everywhere, but nowadays it has diminished.

Garbage cans are not kept in most public places in the world and the place they are kept is not cleaned for many days. In this situation, the whole place is filled with dirt. There is no shame or regret when people spit anywhere by spitting or spreading garbage. The absence of strict law against the garbage also hinders the path of cleanliness in the country.

If you throw garbage in Singapore, anyone can be fined $ 200. No argument is heard about this. Chewing gum is banned. Horrible dogs do not even get here Similarly, in the US, Australia, and the Netherlands, police can impose a fine on throwing garbage on streets. North America runs a program to keep the highways clean. Under this, companies and organizations show commitment to keeping a part of the road clean. Germany, New York, Netherlands, and Belgium have enacted container deposit legislation under which people are encouraged to collect garbage.

The waste in Kenya is turned into artworks and is sold. If someone is convicted of spreading dirt in England, then he can be fined £ 2500.
In India and many other countries, no central law has been made in this regard. In many cities, municipalities had warned people to impose fines, but they were not implemented.

The solution of the waste pile

1. Cleaning at public places

It is commonly seen that if we go to some public places like the train station, bus stand, and some food items, then we estimate that there is the freedom to throw plastic packets or optional garbage there. We do not even recognize that we have done a work wrong or we have become irresponsible citizens. Therefore, the contribution of every citizen is necessary to give information to our citizens.

2. Launch Awareness Mission

Everyone's participation is important to fulfill any work at the global level, so if we want to make our village, country, and the whole world clean and beautiful then all people should know about it first. Without the participation of all people, we can not achieve this goal. So if we want to make our country clean, then we all should know about cleanliness.

3. Recycling of Garbage

It is possible to retrieve many things in the trash. The waste of resources can be stopped and the environment can also be preserved.

As the world is developing and living standard is increasing, waste production has also increased. As long as we find ways and means of proper waste disposal, nothing is wrong with it. Today and now again start the unique civilization of proper waste management.

4. Use garbage litter bin

  •  The number of dry donations should be increased and cleaned by the municipal corporation as a rule. If we can make some strict rules about cleanliness and do not spread dirty like foreign countries, then no one can stop the clean India campaign from being successful. The complete focus of the Clean India campaign should be 'no trash'. It is true that more people will develop a habit of throwing garbage in the dustbin and our country will rapidly advance on the path of cleanliness.

  • We all must contribute to ensure that there is a presence of waste from every street in the street. These places should have a system of waste disposal that is easily accessible to everyone. However, the officials of Panchayat, Municipal Corporation, or Municipality can make a positive contribution to this work.

  • All of us have to make valuable contributions to the development of a clean space model. This would be possible only when everyone would like to adopt the habit of throwing waste to use the waste. For this, it is necessary to arrange litter donation at a distance of 25 meters on each road and intersection so that more and more people can use it.

  •  Even today, it is commonly seen that litter is thrown on the road from large shops, while the trash is not too far from their reach. We all have to change this habit and use the trash.

  •  So let us all pledge that we will not spread the dirt on the road and will use the trash. By doing this, we will present an example of a mature, decent lifestyle in front of the world.

  • The children only have to face good or bad habits from the elderly, so if we become accustomed to using garbage, then our children will also adopt this good habit, and instead of throwing garbage anywhere, Will use

  •  Waste or dustbin is not only necessary for sanitation but it is also the basic requirement of a decent lifestyle. If we all want to adopt this lifestyle then we will throw banana peel, peanut peel, or other garbage in litter donations.

  • If there is a shortage of waste, we will keep small pumps in our purse, handbag, or any bag, and if we get to the garbage containers, then put it in the same.

5. Participation of children and youth

Children play an important role in creating a beautiful image of any nation. If children of a country are aware then they can definitely make their country clean and beautiful because the strength of any country lies in the youth of that country. Therefore, all children should be made aware of the need for sanitation from the beginning.

  • The drains associated with our house should be covered. In these drains insects and many types of mosquitoes are also born which give rise to many diseases.

  • The waste should be used to throw waste into public places.

  • Whenever we clean up our house we should throw the waste at a fixed location.

  •  We should never throw garbage from the roof or verandah because it can spread dirt on the roads.

Household trash should be thrown at a place where no human is residing.
Garbage dump Reasons, Problems and Solutions-2


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