Noise Pollution

Sound pollution is incredibly harmful to our health, with adverse effects on the environment. The acceleration of machines, loud sound music and the explosion caused by vehicles will adversely affect one's healing power.


People suffering from total noise pollution are suffering from many serious diseases. Pollution can lead to fatal diseases, such as disorders, irritable diseases, depression, impotence and consequently cancer.

noise pollution - the curse of urban life 

Many serious diseases are increasing in big cities due to pollution. People who influence everyone living in the same way, whether it is rich or poor, educated or uneducated, whether it is a woman or a man, has the same effect on everyone.

Due to the increasing variety of loud noises in vehicles, loudspeakers and growing machines in industries, stress and ear infections have made rapid inroads into people. The increasing variety of vehicles, DJ's in wedding ceremonies is increasing and the use of loudspeakers within people's way also damages the ears

From the medical point of view - diseases caused by noise pollution

Noise pollution will affect life in some way. Fast speech speed affects one's center frequency. This reduces the center rate and increases the likelihood of heart failure. In addition, contamination per unit area (blood pressure) will increase strength and produce many different forms of the disease simultaneously.

according to experts, The part of the ear called the tube is the main center of hearing. These segments measure small, fragile hair cells that are used by noisy tenants to trap them. Loud noise harms our hearing and if there is noise from about eighty-five decibels to one hundred and twenty-five decibels at the time of noise. Then affects hearing

Such a main supply of kangaroo voice is that noisy machinery, quick music and lots of sounds, made by missiles and ports.
So in a short time, hearing impairment can increase within people and with it, issues of tone (tinnitus), headache, irritability, lack of sleep, stress and every kind of daily work can arise.

These days, there are many forms of class measurement instruments offering forester losses. This serves to enhance people's hearing ability, although the operation of those devices requires additional people.

noise pollution - The reason for diseases in youngsters -

Today, one in every four young people over the age of ten is experiencing ear issues and it reduces people's flexibility to pay attention and sometimes it can cause issues like hearing problems in people Causes. Considering a survey, half a dozen P. C. of youth within the city square measure. Ear debility was reduced with what is called 'autism media'.

Studies in developed countries have shown that eighty pc of children aged three or more have been kept low with AOM malaise and by the age of seven, forty pc of them have six or extra periods of time with this malaise. However, this malaise, known as otitis media, will occur in people of all age groups, although the majority of outcome class measurements are seen in youth.

Due to hearing disorders associated with hearing aids at an early age, reading and writing and communication skills are affected in youth. In its favor, its educational performance, education, and employment opportunities are affected.

noise pollution - The reason for the unwellness in construction staff -

According to a study, the developmental working class with the hearing noise from serious industries made in industries and factories is the lowest. In fact, it is often one of the most important outstanding diseases in the productive sector.

Living in a very continuous environment has many negative effects on employees' health. Due to this, due to hearing problems, tinnitus, loss of an ear, hearing disorders, especially NIHL, also known as noise due to hearing loss.

The Issues of Sleep Problems, Irritability, Stress, Wandering, and Habitat Issues Many types of machines at construction sites such as construction bits, compressors, grinding machines, drills, and substitute cutting tools. Serious diseases arise.

For these reasons, people who work in this way lower their standard of living, performance, communication power, general health and standard of living. From that, she is laid down with a mental and physical appearance.

Therefore, noise pollution actually has a negative impact on our health, in favor of the environment. So to disturb this negative side, we want to bring enough awareness among the people so that we take the necessary steps to take up the matter of pollution.

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