Water Pollution

Nowadays, we have to face many types of pollution such as air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution, etc. But pollution affecting the largest number of people is water pollution. Scientific and technological progress has certainly made Man's life very comfortable in the last two hundred years, as well as the scientific revolution has generated huge employment, which has filled the lives of millions of people. Along with extensive research and discoveries of new drugs, people are living a longer life and the rate of mortality has gone down considerably. In this way, we find that the machine age has given us a lot, but if we look at the environment around us, it also clearly shows that this progress has dissolved the poisonous pollution in our lives. The form of this poison is water pollution that is spread all around us today.

This significant issue of water pollution isn't not kidding for the present day, be that as it may, it is likewise getting most exceedingly terrible on an ordinary step by step premise. As the oceans and streams have a running ebb and flow of development; along these lines, pollution of water gets transported into different urban areas and towns on a gigantic scale. This as well as, pollution of water likewise travel to different areas and henceforth increment water pollution in the world.  One more reason for the expanding air and water pollution alongside drinking water pollution is a result of the exceptionally developing mechanical part. These modern areas, not just outcomes destructively in expanding drinking water pollution yet additionally increment the air and water pollution on a similar time. Another real reason for the pollution of water in our nation is a direct result of the colossal population which is expanding step by step. Today, with such a tremendous developing population additionally the biological community is getting affected and giving ascent straightforwardly to the air and water pollution. The immense population implies a more elevated amount of water pollution and a larger amount for pollution of water builds the illnesses and demise rate for human lives. In this way, quickly development in a high population is likewise bringing about expanded water pollution in the world.  Presently, whenever seen plainly and intently on these told water pollution sources, at that point it tends to be said that both expanding population and industrialization are the real reason behind the drinking water pollution alongside other air and water pollution.

Today, water pollution is the best issue that can undoubtedly make a destructive influence on the whole biological system. Dead creatures and natural life species are definitely not another feature originating from the reason for drinking water pollution alongside air and water pollution. Because of this reason for water pollution in the world.  numerous sicknesses to be specific: Hepatitis likewise get exchanged by these dead creatures. Consequently, To prevent such issues of water pollution in the world.  there should be real progress and measures to control it

water pollution effects

What is water pollution?

Water pollution refers to the availability of substances in rivers, lakes, ponds, underground and seawater, which makes water useless for use by humans, flora and fauna. Polluted water is dangerous for everyone's life

water pollution effects

The water pollution is dependent and varied on what kinds of chemicals are piled and to where the location is. The most popular example is the Boston Harbor, you can see how inadequately polluted that can destroy the waters of Boston Harbor. The water is full of sewage and toxic waste, and commonly receives many wastes when the rain falls and pushes it to the harbor. Some bodies of water along urban domains are overly polluted and can also cause the residents there to be sickly. The effects of water pollution can kill fishes and other inhabitants in the ecosystem. Pollution destroys the food chain of nature as well. Hazardous waste such as cadmium and lead are eaten over by little animals. In the event that these little animals are eaten by shellfish and fish, and the chain of the food lingers to be intruded to all extreme levels.

In the long run, the effects of water pollution on people are can be affected by this system as well. Humans can fetch these diseases like hepatitis through eating seafood that contains poison from toxic waste garbage that being dumped in the sea, lakes, and rivers. The other effects of water pollution in oceans, seas, and rivers, water pollution causes big trouble in the health of plenty of residences that are near that polluted water. In a long way, the animals and birds that ate food that has poison from water pollution can harm or kill any of them. Heart diseases, nervous system diseases, and blood diseases are some of the factors from the effects of water pollution. Some toxic in polluted water can produce cancer. The rare potent effects are diarrhea, vomiting and skin allergies. To prevent the water from pollution, do not throw your garbage anywhere; do not dump your toxic waste in any sea, river or any public areas that can lead to open water.

water pollution had been intensely affecting the existence of plants, humans, the same as animals. The ecological community of seas, oceans, streams, rivers, and lakes is also getting destroyed from to the adulterating of water, by different roots. This situation also directs to the sudden happening of numerous ailments, many of them are contagious and lethal. Anyhow, before approaching about detecting a key to fix the problem, we or you need to find the bottom line of its causes. The effects of water pollution can affect the plants that are near the water, the people that are using the water for their primary needs, and the animals that live in the water. All we need to be conscious of the proper disposal of all garbage and waste. Throwing of factory-made waste, harmful chemicals, containing huge metals, organic toxic and oil, by-products into the open water or bodies of water can cause water pollution and if not prevented, it can be worse in the near future. The improper throwing of garbage of animal and human wastes is water pollution. Toxic wastes from injection wells, factories, sewage treatment plants, and refinery are thrown into water supplies in urban areas and the result is another water pollution problem.

Numerous pollutants, both poisonous and harmful will enter the system of the groundwater from rainwater. A chemical from agricultural exercises, including pesticides and fertilizers are some big sources of polluted water. Unprocessed pollutants are diminished into the alongside water body such as harbor or lake, stream, river that can also cause water pollution. In additional of the main source of the polluted water in any open water are the organic yard or farm wastes. Sediments, chemical pollutants, and pathogens are other causes of water pollution. The anatomical wastes composed of farmed organisms and people that pollute oceans, rivers, lakes and other parts of the water or open water. These are the few causes of water pollution. We should take care of our water resources and learn and apply the proper disposal of wastes. We can recycle the garbage that can be used if recycled. Starting this mission at home and then outside our homes and bring this mission in the office and so on and so forth. This article is reading about the keyword of the effects of water pollution.

The main reasons for increasing the level of water pollution in the world are as follows:

1-Lack of industrial waste production and its proper disposal
2-Use of unfair farming practices, including the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the agricultural sector.
3-Deficiencies in the quality of the rivers passing through the plains.
4-Bath, social and religious rituals and shedding of dead bodies in rivers.
5-Large amount of oil leakage from ships
6-Eutrophication is the lack of oxygen in the water, in which the aquatic creatures die.
7-Insufficient treatment of sewage water.
8-Acid rain.
9-Global warming.

Water pollution effect,waste and solution

Types of water pollution

Chemical waste: Chemical waste is the main cause of water pollution coming out of industrial institutes. Chemical waste from our industries and factories is mostly shed in the rivers and ponds, causing water to become poisonous. This poisonous water causes the death of aquatic and other living organisms. By drinking this water, the animals die only, and the person becomes ill.

Garbage: Thousands of tons of garbage from our cities and villages are found in flowing streams. Chemical fertilizers and many other types of medicines are being used in agriculture which ultimately pollutes them in water bodies.

Pollution of seawater: The mercury of the polluted rivers becomes polluted by seawater and this problem increases even further when the waste of plastic waste is also found in the ocean flows. At the same time, due to accidents, the fuel of ships is spread in the sea. This oil makes a layer on seawater due to which the aquatic organisms can not get oxygen and they die.

Water pollution causes, effects, and solution

Water pollution is the best solution to avoid water pollution and soil conservation is also necessary to prevent water pollution. Water is also polluted due to soil erosion and if we succeed in soil conservation, then some extent will prevent water pollution. To prevent soil erosion, planting more trees or planting a large scale is necessary. We should use such methods for agriculture so that soil cannot be toxic. At the same time, we need to adopt appropriate methods of correct disposal of toxic waste. First of all, we have to avoid the use of such products in which harmful organic compounds are used. Wherever the chemicals are used for painting, cleaning and removing stains, ie safe disposal of waste and toxic water generated from factories and small industries set up for these works is very important.

It is also important to prevent oil leakage from cars and other machines. Oil leakage is one of the main factors of water pollution. The only way to stop this is that we take proper care of our cars and other machines and ensure that they do not have leakage of oil on a regular basis. In all factories, especially those factories where oil is used for cleaning work, the arrangements for safe disposal of contaminated soil should be mandatory and in no way should this oil be found in the water.

Here are some ways to overcome the problem of water pollution:

1-Regular cleaning of waterways and beaches
2-Such substances that can not be destroyed in the environment such as plastic, stop using.
3-The inclusion of methods of reducing water pollution in all our activities.


Water pollution today has become a terrible problem. The water of rivers and ponds has been considered a life-giving for the people, but today it is not worth the use. Our governments have an urgent need to take immediate steps to speed up the problem of water pollution. First of all, we have to stop industrial waste from shedding in rivers and ponds. Household waste should not be allowed in the water bodies without proper treatment. In agriculture, the use of chemical fertilizers should be stopped and organic farming should be encouraged.

Water pollution has now reached an emergency and therefore we have to take some major steps immediately. If we want our citizens to use safe water, then there will be a solution to keep freshwater safer for long periods and any kind of delay in this work can prove fatal.

We will have to use water for drinking, bathing, irrigation, etc. in such a way that water is not left toxic. Due to the presence of plastic flowing in the drains, rotten and unsaturated substances and other dirt streams, the quality of water in the water bodies has decreased substantially. It is important to understand that the dirty water is the carrier of harmful bacteria that is harmful to our health. Therefore, we should pay close attention to cleaning the rivers and other water bodies. There is a need to launch a comprehensive social awareness campaign against water pollution. Water is like nectar for life and therefore it is our duty to keep the water clean.

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