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"Donald Braswell" II, San Antonio native, is Emerging at a Pops Concert in the Symphony of The Hills at Hill Country at Kerrville, Texas on June 27, 2009, at 7: 30pm. Donald Braswell Fan Club Newsletter Editor, Doreen Lee, at cooperation with a member, Judy Docter, created a gorgeous account of the amazing singer's re-entry to the world of a symphonic performance. When Donald Braswell takes the point on June 27, 2009, to play as a soloist at a concert with the Symphony of the Hills at Kerrville, Texas, he might have eventually come full circle. The travel back into his rightful place in the spotlight followed closely with a complete orchestra nearly took 14 years, but once more, Donald Braswell has arrived, now exuding the depth and passion of an artist improved and tempered by the pain and suffering of his very long departure.

As his bright vibrato trembled throughout the aria Addo, Fiorito Asil, Donald Braswell, however, he didn't know it at the time, was likewise bidding Addo into his profession as a premier operatic tenor. That moment of hardship came for Braswell in late 1995. While biking through Britain, he was hit by an automobile and consequently, suffered substantial harm to his throat. He'd later remember going through a long period of depression following the inexplicable accident put a halt on his operatic profession. Braswell grew up encompassed by music and had never imagined living in silence. The music which could always be heard at the Braswell house completed the tranquil South Texas hills wherein he's spent most of his life.

Julie and his family were not the only ones into recognizing his talent, Juilliard not only accepted Braswell but offered him several scholarships. Braswell's versatile lyric-dramatic tenor voice made him the perfect lead for many classic works from Puccini, Verdi, and Donizetti. In a meeting with Trinity Broadcast Network's Praise the Lord, Braswell stated that he'd always believed that depression was something which might be overcome easily and that it had been only after his accident that he understood what it meant into go throughout the depression. He yearned for a way to express his pain in the most natural manner he knew through music.

The Hill

It had been then that Braswell started to understand that despite the pain he had been going through, he'd another source of happiness - his family. Braswell told Diane Bliss of Detroit PBS: An area is the love song, the place of expression and emotion at an opera... When, against the odds, Braswell's voice began into coming back, he took on performance opportunities with local groups and his church in order to strengthen his sing. After the time had been right, it had been Julie who, like before, put him on a path which would take him back into the world of music - the world wherein he rightfully


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